App Development

Business Card Exchange Social Media Platform

Suto Tech developed the Deckapp for a very amazing client with a vision, that explains the App is basically a social media platform like linkedin to share deck/business cards with niche-specific professionals and make a strong network. It helps to commune with the directors & mentors of the relevant field. Deckapp is one of the effective apps and known as the user-friendly rostrum that allows a user to swap business cards and coach each other. 

Horse Race Signal and Race Profit & Loss Management App

Application have been providing analysis and strategy for the thoroughbred and racing world on a global scale. The application serves the purpose of keeping the user updated on new races, results, and profit/loss analytics.

Suto Tech uses the flutter for the best mobile app development and the protected Laravel framework for the admin of any web application. Our brilliant team had made it possible and controlled everything by testing the resilience and sustainability of the system.

Learn Car Driving Through Your Nearby Instructor

If you want to learn driving and find the best driving center in your area then Suto Tech made it easy. The iDrive Portal & App allows users to find the best driving trainer and enjoy their ride in just a few weeks. Anyone can use this App from different regions of the world and learn to drive efficiently.

Suto Tech has made it possible by giving the preference of flutter for mobile development and securing the Laravel framing for web apps. It made us unique and all-rounder because we test our every development for maintaining its sustainability.

App Where You Can Save Your Favorite Pin Location On Map

Location IT is a fantastic app allows the users to remember the place where they ever went with their friends or family member. It doesn’t matter whether it is a hotel or a historic place; this App will record it all. This App works according to some instructions, like a person has to choose the desired destination, which will adequately guide you. Furthermore, this App will record the place you visit in the history section to make things easy.